The Black Lion translated into Danish!

I’m very excited and proud to share the news that my debut novel ‘The Black Lion’ has been translated into Danish! It’s called ‘Den Sorte Løve’ and is available from Danish publishing house ‘Mellemgaard’! The cover has been slighted redesigned and the back cover features an iconic picture of the Palace Pier. The Black Lion was first published on 22nd July 2020.

Den sorte løven, 2021

Mellemgaard is a professional publishing house located in Odense, right in the heart of Denmark and the birthplace of fairy-tale writer H.C. Andersen. Mellemgaard has translated several English books into Danish including books by writer of murder mysteries and psychological crimes Sabina Gabrielli Carrara.

I’m looking forward to hearing what the Danish readers think for it. Tak for at oversætte min bog til dansk!

Paperback and ebook available from Mellemgaard

Den sorte løven, 2021

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