‘The Black Lion’ Launch Date

I’m very excited to announce that ‘The Black Lion’ will be launched on 22nd July, the same day the main character, Deryk Carver, met a terrifying end in the16th century in Lewes. I’m sure he will approve!

Last month the beta-readers finished reading the book and said the content was great and my writing had improved. They also suggested to get an editor to review it so I contacted a couple of friends asking for recommendations. It was my friend Rohase Piercy who brought me in touch with a local LGBT author who I met in April last year at the Brighton & Hove Book Fayre. I sent her an email, and she explained which services she offers, and I was very impressed with the way she works. To break the ice, Charlie requested to send her a sample piece of the book. After I read her comments and suggestions I knew she was the person I had been looking for, and our collaboration was a fact!

I’m delighted to introduce you to ‘Charlie Raven’, who will be polishing up ‘The Black Lion’. Charlie’s aim, above all, is to maintain and enhance the authentic voice of the author, and as you can imagine, I’m very glad I’ve found her. She said about the book: “Just thought you might like to know that I’m enjoying reading through The Black Lion from start to finish. I’m about halfway through now and finding a lot to admire in each story – well done! I am so impressed that you can write so well in a language which is not your mother tongue. The stories have a real atmosphere, moving in and out of dreamlike phases, so that the reader is never sure if the narrator is describing daily reality or psychic reality. I like it!”

Charlie has written two books, ‘The Compactwhich is currently free on Kindle Unlimited, and ‘A Case of Domestic Pilfering, which was revised and published by Rohase.

She also has a blog over at Goodreads and is in the middle of putting together a blog to showcase the works of other Queer, Lesbian or Bi women who meet in a group called ‘Wyrd Sisters, Ink’. Apart from herself and Rohase, they are Jane Traies, Maggie Redding and Sylvia Daly. All very exciting – you can follow her blog for more news!

You can find more info about Charlie and Rohase on their website The Raven’s Bunker

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