The Black Lion available for pre-order

The Black Lion, is now available for pre-order!

When successful solicitor Matt spots a medieval cottage up for sale, he gives up his career to rent it out as a holiday-let. Set in the heart of the old town of Brighton, the step proves to be fruitful as the bookings come rolling in. But the cottage has a dark secret: its guests are haunted by ghosts from the past. When one guest hands Matt a medieval hat found in the ‘Underworld’, it occurs to him that past and present are intertwined. Every sign seems to lead to Deryk Carver, the owner of the Black Lion pub who met a terrifying end in the sixteenth century. Desperate to find the truth, Matt embarks on a journey on ‘All Hallow’s Eve’.

The Black Lion’ is Richard’s first novel, book one in the series ‘Spirits of the Past’. The book will officially be released on 22nd July.

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