Join me online to celebrate the launch of ‘The Black Lion’!

Finally, it’s out! My debut novel ‘The Black Lion‘ was released on 22nd July, the same day the main character, Deryk Carver met a terrifying end 465 years ago in Lewes.

You can join me on my website where I’ll be posting blogs to celebrate the book launch.

I would like to thank those who have pre-ordered copies of the Kindle book on Amazon. It should have been delivered to your Kindle this morning and I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

To all of those who have ordered a signed copy, I’ll be ordering copies today and will be in touch once they’ve arrived to sort out all the details. If you would like a signed too, just let me know and I’ll add you the list!

Richard B Gough is my nome de plume as my real name can be a struggle for readers to pronounce and I also hope to attract a group of new readers. When you search for Richard B Gough on Amazon, you will only see ‘The Black Lion’ listed. My previously released books will still be available under my own name.

Please keep on checking social media where I’ll be posting blog posts from my website!

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