Audiobook update

As you know I’m in the process of resting an audiobook, a book that speaks to you, and apparently they have become a popular choice amongst book lovers.

Last week narrators auditioned for the book and I have made an offer to a narrator who lives across the Atlantic. “As a full-time professional narrator, I love bringing stories to life and sharing them with an intimate audience. I grew up in California, and spent every summer with family in Canada where I pick up a Canadian accent ever time I visit.” He has accepted my offer to produce The Black Lion: Spirits of the Past – book 1 and will commence with the recordings in September!

The audiobook should be ready by 30th October, and I hope I can launch it on All Hallow’s Eve, the evening Deryk was arrested. How apt would that be? The book will be available on, and iTunes.

Here’s the (square) cover.

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