Today I feature as a guest on Natasha Murray’s author website!

Picture courtesy of Natasha Murray

I’m pleased to announce that I feature as a guest on Natasha Murray’s author website!

Natasha and I met each other at the ‘Brighton & Hove Book Fayres’ where she was selling and signing books. Together with author Judith Thomson she is a regular attendee at our book fairs. Natasha approached me to do an interview to coincide with the release of my debut novel ‘The Black Lion’. In the interview I explain what made me write my latest book, I tell about myself and where I live, and I talk about writing and marketing books. Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog, Natasha. Click here to read the interview.

About Natasha Murray

Natasha is an author, playwrite, designer, blogger and founder of the UK Southern Book Show. Natasha Murray is a diverse writer and produces books for all ages. Her books include children’s books the ‘Milly’s Magic Quilt’ series and ‘Jack Solar’s Journals’ set in 3008. For young adults, she wrote dystopian novels ‘3004’, ‘3006’. For adults a humorous play ‘A Flea in the Paw’ and ‘Chanctonbury’, a psychological, paranormal, thriller romance novel. “I enjoy writing and it is both a pleasure and a compulsion. My dream of course, is for my creations to be well known but I am glad that my books and illustrations are in the public domain for all to enjoy. Currently Natasha is in the process of finalising her latest novel ’58 Farm End’. The book will be out soon!

For more information about Natasha and her books, then please visit her website at or check out her latest blog on BooksGoSocial

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