Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people who have helped me shaping and developing this book into what it is now. My husband Michael for his ongoing support and constructive feedback during the writing and reviewing process. It really meant a lot to me. My editor Jayne Raven (pen name Charlie Raven) for giving […]

War Memorial in Lewes

On a summer’s day in July 1555 Deryk Carver was standing at the bottom of the stone steps of the Star Inn in Lewes moments before he was burned at the stake for heresy. It’s where Deryk’s life ended but is where the story of ‘The Black Lion’ begins. The first time I visited Lewes […]

Behind the scenes

Outside ‘The Black Lion’ is a plaque denoting this pub as a former dwelling of ‘Deryk Carver -first Protestant martyr burnt at Lewes July 22nd 1555 lived in this brewery. Reconstructed 1974’. Many of the people who live in Brighton, or have visited Brighton, probably know ‘The Cricketers’ and the pub next to it, ‘The […]

The Black Lion available for pre-order

The Black Lion, is now available for pre-order! When successful solicitor Matt spots a medieval cottage up for sale, he gives up his career to rent it out as a holiday-let. Set in the heart of the old town of Brighton, the step proves to be fruitful as the bookings come rolling in. But the […]

‘The Black Lion’ Launch Date

I’m very excited to announce that ‘The Black Lion’ will be launched on 22nd July, the same day the main character, Deryk Carver, met a terrifying end in the16th century in Lewes. I’m sure he will approve! Last month the beta-readers finished reading the book and said the content was great and my writing had […]

Happy New Year

Wishing you al a prosperous, happy, and healthy 2020! With the start of a new decade on the horizon, it’s a time to reflect and look forward as we prepare to welcome 2020. Here are some apt New Year quotes, thoughtful messages, and wishes to share with family and friends. Tomorrow is the first blank […]